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Going on a date can sometimes cause your nerves to go into overdrive, and oftentimes, finding what to wear can be high on the priority list. There’s no doubt about it that you want to look your best. You want to make a great first impression, especially if you’re interested and attracted to your date. If so, you definitely want to plan a second date, and we have more in store for that at a later time.If you’re already attached or married and are going out with your significant other, you always ..


A blazer for women is that perfect wardrobe asset that's like a cherry on top of a sundae. It never goes out of style. It really adds a bit of flavor, and without a doubt, it shows you have a sense of style and that you know what you're doing when it comes to fashion. A blazer jacket does a lot, but if you wear a slit-sleeve blazer, you're really a full-on fashionista and you're both a trend maker and setter. This type of women’s blazer isn't your typical, ordinary ladies blazer, it's ahead..


A maxi dress is one of the most comfortable garments on the market and ever made. They’re not only cute, but they’re interchangeable, and perfect for so many different occasions. From running errands to attending a wedding, they run the gamut when it comes down to wearing one.At Bella Berry, our loose-fitting hoodie maxi dress is the perfect go-to sporty long dress for a day of shopping or a night out with the girls. Whatever you choose, you’ll look stylish. Can’t forget the hood in the back, wh..


When it comes to fall, oftentimes, you live in a climate where the weather becomes colder and sometimes brisk. You need clothes online for such a change. The color schemes tend to change, too. When it comes to the clothing design, the colors enter into the browns, oranges and darker hues. They also become longer sleeves, heavier in material and you also tend to wear more layers.At Bella Berry, we’re here for every season, but particularly for autumn, we’re a garments com..


When it comes to your women’sclothing items, anything colorful makes an item pop. Bright and boldcolors are the best examples of this. We can't forget pretty patterns and printsbecause they’re part of the design as well. From florals to polka dots, and checkeredmotifs to animal prints, they really make a garment come alive. They can makethem more girly, dainty or sophisticated and overall, fun. There are somany variations to choose from. At Bella Berry, although wehave a slew of s..


Skinny pants for women are a great phenomenon. Many of us are happy they’ve resurrected and hope they stay for a long time. They’re highrise pants and they accentuate your curves and they really hold you in when it comes to those pesky areas. They make you look slender and tend to elongate you as well. They look great with a cropped top blouse, an oversized sweater knit and a ladies jackets and blazers. They look nice with a pair of high heel pumps, cute trendy sneakers or ankle or knee hig..


HOLIDAYDRESSESThanksgivinghas passed and now it’s on to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year’s Eve orwhatever you celebrate and plan to attend. The parties and family gatheringsare forthcoming and you want to look nice and your very best. Whether it’s awork affair, a Christmas Eve dinneror the New Year’s Eve ball, with Bella Berry, we offer so many dress styles andcuts for both Missy and Plus sizefashion that you’re guaranteed to find the perfect number for the occasion.Maybe you’re attending o..


They don’t make velvet like they used to. Velvet has grownso much in terms of styles and patterns. Boring is a thing of the past when itcomes to velvet apparel. Velvet is a different type of fabric. It stands outand it’s in a league of its own. It’s a staple of fall and winter fashion. Somepopular types of velvet are crushed and velveteen.Bella Berry is here to bring you an array of floral velvet blazersthat really spice up, in particular, a solid-colored outfit. They not only helpkeep you warm,..


When it comes to the wrap top (and dress), you have tothank the designer who came up with the idea. It not only looks good on so manydifferent body types, but it also has a slimming effect with those with a littlemore girth around their waistline. They slightly differ when it comes to eachdesign, but the main concept always remains intact, and that’s the wrap part.At Bella Berry, we offer a few select wrap tops. They come in a slew of colorsto choose from, so you’re bound to find the right one f..


The new year has arrived, and we here at Bella Berry want to be ofassistance when it comes to your look. You may want a complete overhaul ormaybe add a few pieces to enhance your current wardrobe, or maybe you want tostay the same. Whatever the case, we're here for you.When it comes to changing your overall look, you have to find what works foryou, and that includes your body type and style. You have to decide how youwant to dress this upcoming year. It's good to factor in daily activities,going..

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